Video Portfolio

Client – Garrison Brothers Distillery
Runtime – 1:24
Purpose – A short informational video about Garrison Brothers Distillery’s Bourbon making process.

Client – Azuga
Runtime – 1:22
Purpose – Promote the launch of a revolutionary new GPS tracking product.

Client – RIXON Music
Runtime – 4:51
Purpose – EPK to coincide with the release of the album “When Morning Comes”

Client – The Center for Generational Kinetics
Runtime – 2:07
Purpose – Fun viral video for social marketing strategy featuring Gen Y, a Baby-Boomer and Jason Dorsey, founder of CGK.

Client – Midas Green Tech
Runtime – 1:57
Purpose – Advertising video highlighting the “Green Energy” aspect of Midas Green Tech’s hosting technology.

Client – GroupWink
Runtime – 1:37
Purpose – A short, fun, web commercial meant to convey the functionality of GroupWink’s Mobile App and how it is a great choice for meeting groups of people for a good time.

Client – Schoox
Runtime – 1:45
Purpose – Animated branding video for the homepage.

Client – Teletrac/Ryder
Runtime – 3:27
Purpose – One in a series of client profiles for Teletrac – giving a firsthand view of how their tracking systems have aided clients.

Client – Hyde Park Gym
Runtime – 2:32
Purpose – Short Documentary style piece for a great local Austin business.

Client – University of Texas Golf Club
Runtime – 5:21
Purpose – Highlight the annual UT Golf Club Stampede fundraiser with high energy video coverage of the tournament.

Client – The Army Marathon
Runtime – 1:43
Purpose – Social Media Launch video for building awareness around the inaugural event for The Army Marathon.

Client – The Order of the Mystic Lemons
Runtime – 4:41
Purpose – Episode One in a documentary series chronicling the efforts of a group of men working to raise money and awareness for local children’s charities.

Client – BetterNetworker
Runtime – 3:18
Purpose – To provide a teaser for future content and video SEO for’s coverage of the No Excuses 2 Summit in Las Vegas.

Client – MGT @ Fantastic Fest Fantastic Arcade
Runtime – 2:22
Purpose – Announcement of Midas Green Technologies ground breaking liquid cooled data center.

Client – Girlstart
Runtime – 1:43
Purpose – Grant competition & fundraising video. Produced pro bono by AHD and an intern.